Towards a global aviation emissions deal

Posted by Boeing on 16/11/12
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This week,  and just after the ICAO Council meeting last week in Montreal, the European Commission has announced its decision to suspend the inclusion of international aviation in the EU ETS.

The announcement has been welcomed by most of the industry associations as a pragmatic move in the right direction that will allow a more constructive climate for the upcoming ICAO negotiations towards a global sectoral agreement on aviation emissions.

The Commission’s decision is also recognition of the progress made in ICAO in the last months and the palpable sense of urgency towards a workable deal which creates a confident expectation that a truly global solution will be found within ICAO.

Video of the announcement made by Commissioner Hedegaard.

The aviation industry has always seen the global approach as the best solution to reducing aviation emissions and incentivizing continuous investments in environmental improvements that will support a sustainable future for international aviation.The moratorium on some aspects of aviation ETS is at the same time an opportunity and a responsibility for the ICAO member countries to show leadership and push for action on a global agreement. Now we all look forward to seeing all parties working together with even more intensity and constructive spirit to define a positive proposal for the 38th ICAO Assembly (24 September – 4 October 2013).

European Commission press release.

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  1. Comment by Henry | 2013/03/01 at 13:18:00

    Very much surprised with all these conferences taking place to support corruption taking place. Yes, here I am making referance to Co2 emissions by aircrafts and the abuse of your laws which you all approved.

    The wording says ”Small Operator”, here this Operator is ignored on how much ”this operator” emmits Co2 in the air.
    Suppose, the whole fleet of a company is broken down into single ”Small Operator”, thus this mother Company will doge all CO2 emissions under the wording of ”Small Operator”.

    This is already taking place. How are you going to controll this corruption from being wide spread.

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