A step toward emissions progress

Posted by Boeing on 06/03/13

On 26 February, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee adopted the Commission’s proposal to temporarily “stop the clock” on the enforcement of its aviation ETS for international flights with respect to 2012 emissions.

Last year, carbon dioxide emissions from aviation began to be included in the ETS, but the implementation has been highly controversial. EU trading partners like the United States, China, and India objected that airlines bearing non-European flags would be included in the ETS.  According to the Environment Committee amendments to the proposal suggested by the Commission:

  • First, the derogation should apply for a maximum of one year and can be prolonged only if “clear and sufficient” progress is made at the ICAO Assembly in September 2013.
  • Second, EU member states should use revenue from the auctioning of allowances to supporting research on and adaptation to climate change. The proposal is now due for consideration by the full Parliament in Strasbourg in April.

The aviation industry supports a global framework under ICAO as the most appropriate means to address CO2 emissions from international aviation. Boeing believes as well that the best approach to reducing aviation emissions is a global approach and is of the view that the Commission’s “stop the clock” proposal represents a pragmatic step in the direction to allow a more constructive dialogue in the ICAO negotiations towards a global sectoral agreement on aviation emissions.


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