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Speed, weight and drag are just a few of the concepts Boeing engineers work with every day when designing airplanes. These same principles also apply to golf club designers.

So it made a lot of sense when Callaway asked a group of Boeing engineers to collaborate on the design of the company’s newest driver, the XR 16.

In particular, Callaway leaned on Boeing’s expertise in laminar flow control. They were able to strategically place the air flow modifiers— or trip steps— on the club head to help reduce drag from the top of the swing through impact with the golf ball.

In addition to helping create a new product, the Boeing team was able to collaborate with Callaway on an entirely different kind of research and development process. Now that’s what it is called a hole in one!

The original blog post can be found on Randy’s Journal, a blog of thoughts and observations hosted by Randy Tinseth, vice president marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes: From the runway– to the fairway

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