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On 17 October 2012, the Climate Change Committee formally endorsed the Commission’s guidelines on “Biomass Issues in the EU ETS,” which are part of a series of documents intended to provide guidance to Member States on different aspects of the ETS Monitoring and Reporting Regulation. This includes guidance on how to implement – consistently across the Member States – a purchase-based methodology to account for biofuels use in the aviation ETS Directive.

Article 53 of the Regulation acknowledges that aviation biofuels should be accounted for on the basis of “fuel purchase records” and states that “the methodology shall be based on the guidelines provided by the Commission to facilitate its consistent application in all Member States.” The aviation industry welcomes this development, as it will allow to fully exploit the potential CO2 reduction of the “zero rating,” provision in the aviation ETS and help support aviation biofuels development and commercialization. Such a provision, by deeming emissions from sustainable biofuels to have a “zero rating”, represents for aircraft operators an incentive to use biofuels as they would not need to purchase the equivalent volume of CO2 allowances.

The guidelines are available here.


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