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As aviation professionals from around the world gather in Montreal next week for the triennial ICAO General Assembly, ATAG has produced a special issue of Flightpath that crystallises several issues on the ICAO agenda. Among these highlights:

  • Aviation’s leading role in tackling climate change. This is expected to be the top item on ICAO’s agenda. The aviation sector has succeeded in decoupling aviation growth from carbon dioxide emissions, and is committed to carbon-neutral growth by 2020. To continue this progress, the aviation industry supports a market-based, internationally competitive programme to price and thus reduce emissions. Flightpath also outlines a path to definitive action at the 2016 ICAO assembly.
  • Progress on sustainable biofuels. ATAG encourages ICAO member governments to support research, incentivise the broader use of biofuels, ensure that biofuels don’t indirectly harm the environment, and foster full-spectrum industry coalitions.
  • Aerospace firms’ new environmentally progressive fleets. Boeing and Airbus are bringing new, highly efficient aircraft on line – well over 70 per cent more efficient than a half-century ago.
  • Aviation as an economic driver. Aviation will account for 82.2 million jobs worldwide by 2030, ATAG reports.
  • Airports continuing to become more environmentally sound. The issue covers airports’ joint efforts to reduce their carbon footprints.
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