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After the European Commission revived a plan to include non-EU airlines in the Emissions Trading Scheme from 2014 through 2020, Euractiv reports that MEPs are objecting to the Commission’s proposal.

During a Transport Committee meeting on 15 November, MEPs criticized the proposal for going against the historic ICAO agreement on multilateral emissions controls, risking the tenuous international cooperation on climate change.

As an industry, we have several concerns with the Commission’s proposed way forward for aviation in the ETS. There are a number of third party countries which have already voiced their displeasure with the proposal at the Warsaw Climate Talks taking place right now. The industry fears that this will take us right back to the trade war situation we found ourselves in before the Commission ‘stopped the clock’ last year, delaying any global agreement even further. Perhaps more importantly, there is a very real danger that this will damage Europe’s reputation in the multilateral process.

The emissions pact continues to dominate air transport debates in Brussels. Let us know in the comments where you stand.

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