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The second annual World Air Traffic Management Conference recently wrapped up in Madrid, convening air traffic management (ATM) professionals, policy makers, and thought leaders from around the world.

During the Congress, attendees and speakers highlighted how ATM providers can meet airlines’ expectations for safe, efficient, environmentally progressive and cost-effective air navigation services. The head of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration delivered a keynote address on delivering ATM modernisation. Speakers also discussed Europe’s functional airspace blocks (FABs), the growth of remotely piloted aircraft, ATM partnerships and efficient regulation. View the full agenda here.

The Congress comes as the European Parliament’s Transport Committee has adopted the Single European Sky 2+ (SES2+) package of upgrades to the project to harmonise European ATM services. SES2+ includes better oversight by state-level authorities, more efficient procurement, more inclusion of airspace users, more rigorous metrics, greater FAB flexibility, a stronger focus on centralised services for ANSPs (including SESAR, the SES’ implementation vehicle) and consolidation of overlapping regulatory jurisdictions.

The implementation of the Single European Sky remains of paramount important for the European aviation industry. It cannot delayed any longer if aviation is to remain a key enabler of competitiveness, mobility and connectivity for Europe.

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