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The new European Commission, led by President Jean-Claude Juncker, took office on 1 November. Juncker has reorganized the Commission for more cross-functional work, with — in addition to the commissioners — sevenVice-Presidents with broader portfolios such as energy or jobs and growth, including the first Vice-President and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Juncker has charged Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc of Slovenia with working under the Vice-President for energy union to achieve the EU’s goals of greenhouse gas reductions in the transport sector, in which the worldwide aviation sector will play a significant role. Bulc is also called on to deliver the EU’s goals for SESAR, the technical implementation institution behind the Single European Sky initiative.

Bulc has noted the role of sustainable biofuels in achieving Juncker’s emissions reductions goal. “Alternative fuels are now firmly at the heart of EU transport policy,” she told the Parliament during her introductory hearing in October. “The challenge now is to get things up and running on the ground. That means making sure enough appropriate infrastructure gets built so that we create the conditions for these fuels to power transport into the future.”

Bulc said she hopes for transport to achieve the recognition it deserves as an important part of Europe’s economy. Transport “tends to be seen as a problem, rather than a solution and as a creator for growth,” Bulc said. “I will do my best to change that kind of attitude, by working with you, the European Parliament, to give transport the importance that it deserves.”

Boeing congratulates Commissioner Bulc on her appointment and welcomes her support for our sector in general, and alternative fuels in particular. As for aviation, when produced sustainably, aviation biofuels can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 80 per cent compared to conventional jet fuel. EU policy measures remain key to advance aviation biofuels development and commercialisation.

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