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Author: Air Transport Action Group (ATAG)

Next week, aviation experts from within the industry alongside interested parties from governments and other organisations will gather together in Geneva to attend the 8th Global Sustainable Aviation Summit.

Since it was first held in 2005, the summit has become the main global forum for discussing issues relating to the sustainable development of aviation and plays a central role in coordinating the industry’s action on climate change. The Summit is where, in 2008, the aviation industry launched the world’s first emissions reduction framework from a global transport sector.

This year, the summit holds special importance, as we are in the final build up to the UN climate negotiations in Paris in December, billed to be when concrete and far-reaching measures relating to a range of sectors are due to be agreed by the world’s governments. For aviation specifically, we are counting down to a particularly important decision in 2016: the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) General Assembly. It is here where we expect the much anticipated market-based measure for aviation emissions to be agreed.

Members of the aviation industry all over the world, from airlines, airports, manufacturers and navigation providers, are doing a lot to reduce their emissions and the Summit is an ideal opportunity to share ideas and experiences with each other, as well as people from outside the industry.

This year delegates will be able to discuss a range of topics, including progress towards developing the MBM, new technology and sustainable alternative fuels.

Attendees will also hear from Solar Impulse co-founder and pilot, André Borschberg, who has agreed to come to Geneva while he awaits the resumption of the record-breaking round the world flight of the fully solar-powered, zero-emissions aircraft.

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