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Author: Air Transport Action Group (ATAG)

ATAG – The global aviation industry is taking wide-ranging and positive action to reduce the level of CO2 emissions connected to its operations. Airlines, airports, manufacturers and navigation service providers all know they have a responsibility to ensure that their operations produce as little carbon as possible. Some of the measures, such as new, more efficient aircraft and engines are fairly well known amongst the general public, but there are many smaller scale, individual projects taking place that are perhaps not so well publicised.

To showcase this variety of innovative climate actions taking place across the global industry, the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) has launched a publication called the Aviation Climate Solutions. The 100 case studies covered in this report show the diversity of climate action across the sector. Carbon emissions reduction projects by over 400 organisations in 65 countries are represented. But this is only a snapshot of the projects underway. The most impressive realisation is the sheer amount of collaboration taking place between industry partners, helping to drive efficiency. Action is taking place in all parts of the world: not only at large organisations, but also through partners in emerging economies.

The publication and its case studies can be accessed at

Not only will the publication help raise awareness of the good work taking place throughout the globe, but will also act as inspiration to other members of the industry, who will be able to learn from the experiences of their peers. Through effective communication and information sharing like this, the aviation industry is well prepared to achieve its ambitious carbon reduction goals of carbon neutral growth from 2020 and the halving of CO2 emissions by 2050 (using the 2005 baseline).

With the UNFCCC COP21 negotiations taking place in Paris in December, the Aviation Climate Solutions will be a great way of demonstrating to governments the commitment of aviation towards making our operations more sustainable.


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