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The air transport industry is a catalyst for economic growth and social development. The aviation sector generates more than 3 million jobs in the European Union (EU) while the air transport industry supports more than €675 billion in GDP in Europe.

The forthcoming EU Aviation Strategy aims at improving connectivity, boosting innovation, and enhancing the confidence in the aviation system.

What can be done on the EU policy level to unleash the full potential of aviation, further expand the sector’s safety record, and leverage emerging technologies?

What actions need to be taken to create a more efficient aviation value chain?

How are the aviation sector and the regulators stepping up to the challenge of global CO2 emission reduction?

Leading up to Boeing’s 100th anniversary, EurActiv Institute held an event at the European Parliament to review the potential of the EU Aviation Strategy. See the full programme here.

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  1. The EU official has divulged another technique went for making it a “main player in worldwide aeronautics.” The activity comes in the midst of furious rivalry essay writing service from Gulf aircraft, which commentators call ‘unjustifiable.’ The European Commission on Monday received another Aviation Strategy.

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