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Boeing is supporting regulators and other stakeholders to address key challenges faced by the aviation system.


The EU aviation strategy released in December 2015 by the European Commission is a positive and welcomed step towards an even more sustainable and competitive aviation sector, a sector which already contributes almost 2 million jobs to the European economy.

There is work to be done, and Boeing partners closely with the Commission and other stakeholders to discuss and address the main challenges faced by the global aviation system.

So why does aviation matter to Europe? As the strategy articulates, aviation remains an enabler of growth and a key contributor to the European and global economies – the sector that is worth €110 billion to Europe’s economy alone. Aviation has a positive impact on society and makes the world a smaller place by connecting people, businesses and governments.

What are the main issues for aviation in Europe? Aviation is a global business that requires global solutions. It’s a team sport. Despite all of its successes, several areas within the aviation ‘ecosystem’ need attention in order for it to remain globally competitive:

  • With air traffic in Europe set to grow 50% by 2035 and with new, fuel-efficient aircraft entering the system, regulators and industry must continue to collaborate in the area of safety. We should strive for globally harmonized standards in aircraft certification, but also in emerging topics such as remotely piloted aircraft or cyber security.
  • We must address the threat of increasingly congested skies and airports by unlocking the potential modern aircraft can deliver in the air traffic management systems of the future.
  • We need to build on our progress to date in reducing the aviation sector’s environmental footprint by accelerating the commercialization of sustainable biofuels.

These challenges can be addressed together through innovation and collaboration. Boeing celebrates its 100th anniversary this July. Over the course of that century, humankind has gone from walking on earth to walking on the moon, from riding horses to flying airplanes and spaceships — and Boeing has been there every step of the way. Many of today’s challenges can be solved through innovation, not regulation.

Boeing is a global company with European roots. From the International Space Station to the development of the revolutionary 787 Dreamliner, collaboration is in our DNA – it defines our business and shapes our view of the world, including how we work with governments, industry, academia, and communities across Europe. As a long-standing EU partner and technology leader responsible for more than 30,000 direct and indirect European jobs, we will continue to share ideas and develop solutions to jointly shape a future for aviation — aviation that is safe, efficient, and environmentally progressive.

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