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Governments, industry and environmental groups meeting at the United Nations specialised agency, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), have finalised the design of the first global certification standard for CO2 emissions from new aircraft on 8th February. The agreement on a rigorous and challenging ICAO “CO2 Standard” is the result of six years’ work by a task force of experts from governments and observers and will apply to all new aircraft designs from 2020.

The Air Transport Action Group, a cross-industry organisation focusing on sustainable aviation, has welcomed the CO2 Standard as part of a wider series of actions aimed at tackling aviation’s climate change impact.

The CO2 Standard will apply to all new aircraft models launched after 2020. The standard will also be phased in for all existing aircraft types rolling off the production line from 2023, even if they were designed and launched prior to 2020. A production cut-off date of 2028 has been recommended for any aircraft that do not comply with the CO2 Standard.

The standard will be reviewed periodically to increase its stringency in line with technology advancement. ICAO has a long track record of implementing similar standards in noise, safety, security and agreements on air navigation. Once the CO2 Standard is formally adopted by the ICAO Council, it will be implemented by national civil aviation authorities around the world and will be part of the rigorous certification process all new aircraft must meet before entering service.

The original press release from the 9th of February: ATAG press release

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