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Darrin Morgan, Director of Biofuel Strategy at Boeing, talks about the present and the future of alternative aviation fuels, a revolution-in-the-making for the airline industry that is now metaphorically standing at passport control, eagerly waiting to be waved directly through to boarding.

“As a company, we realized about seven years ago that the aviation industry needed to participate in energy source decisions and options, to ensure our industry’s long-term growth and a more sustainable future. So Boeing decided to get involved in shaping the development of sustainable aviation biofuel.”

Boeing and Neste recently announced that they will collaborate to gain approval for a high quality renewable fuel called HEFA+ – to be used by the commercial aviation industry.

HEFA+ looks promising as a “drop in” solution with petroleum jet fuel. It’s more price-competitive with conventional petroleum jet fuel, which is important to cost-sensitive airlines, and there’s a large existing supply of high quality renewable fuels made by Neste in Europe and Asia.

“With aviation biofuel,” continues Morgan, “environmental concerns are absolutely driving our industry forward because we need to meet aggressive goals to reduce CO2 emissions. But that’s not all: the underlying reality is that biofuel is better fuel. It’s technically superior to fossil fuel. People think biofuel is an old-school fuel, struggling to adapt to the performance of petroleum. In fact, biofuel has a higher energy density, it has a lower freeze point, it lacks pollutants you see in fossil jet. So it’s cleaner and more efficient for aviation.”

For both environmentally conscious and cost-conscious members of the flying public in the near future then, it is clear that Boeing, for one, is taking its commitments to sustainability and dramatic future reductions in CO2 emissions seriously.


The original article was published on Neste webpage

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