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Boeing is encouraging regulators to create a strong policy framework to advance sustainable aviation biofuels.


2016 is Boeing’s centennial year: in the past century we have united the world through more efficient air travel and pioneered the outer reaches of space. 
And yet we look forward, with great excitement, to our next century, and innovations to come.

We recognise that strong environmental performance is necessary to ensure a healthy planet and our long term business success.

Boeing’s goal is that the sustainable aviation biofuel supply will address at least 1 percent of global jet fuel demand in the near term.

Five types of biofuels have been approved and their technical performance has been proven in over 2,500 commercial flights: these fuels are in regular commercial service every day. Sustainable aviation biofuels cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80% on a lifecycle basis compared to fossil fuel.

Boeing is involved in regional projects throughout the globe to support long-term sustainable growth for commercial aviation.

Last December, Boeing and the Finnish energy company Neste announced their collaboration to gain approval for a high quality renewable fuel, which represents a promising “drop in” solution to be blended directly with traditional jet fuel and used without any changes to airplanes, engines or infrastructure. This is the first large-scale fuel available to aviation.

In Europe, Boeing is also part of biofuel initiatives including Sustainable Aviation in the UK, the Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation, the Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany, and a national roadmap process beginning in Italy.

Sustainable aviation fuels are now a reality.

However a strong policy framework to support further development and commercialization is needed.

We encourage regulators to create a level playing field for aviation fuels with respect to road transport renewable fuels when accessing national incentives under the EU renewable energy legislation, while also stimulating the growth of this important industry.

We urge the European Commission to incentivise biofuels that have a low-risk of causing Indirect Land Use Change, driving technology for those fuels.

The upcoming European Commission strategy on “Decarbonising the Transport Sector” should recognise the critical role that sustainable aviation biofuels play in addressing aviation emissions.

Improving aviation’s environmental performance is a team sport and Boeing stands ready to do its part.

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