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Boeing - Current Market Outlook 2016-2035


Strong growth despite uncertainty

Europe’s aviation market remained strong in 2015 despite significant economic uncertainties. Europe’s GDP grew by 1.9 percent in 2015 and is forecast to grow by 1.8 percent annually through 2035. The European aviation market is expected to grow during the next 20 years, with airlines forecast to acquire more than 7,500 new airplanes valued at over $1.1 trillion. Single-aisle airplanes will comprise the majority of deliveries, representing a 78 percent share of total deliveries. Although European aviation growth is slower than aviation growth in emerging economies, the region’s large installed base of more than 4.600 airplanes supports substantial demand for replacement airplanes. Replacement demand will account for 56 percent of Europe’s total new airplane market.

To read the full Current Market Outlook 2016-2035, click here.





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  1. Regionally, the United States is expected to be amongst the most robust markets for business aircraft transactions and for flight operations this year. This reflects growing confidence in the trajectory of US economic recovery, with the latest real GDP growth forecasts of 3.2% in 2015. More data you can find on the website

    Steady job growth, declining unemployment, lower energy prices and low inflation, affordable credit, and strong consumer sentiment are welcome tailwinds that should translate into continuing corporate profitability and interest in business aircraft. With 60% of the world’s business aircraft fleet based in the United States, a strengthening US marketplace is good news indeed for the entire industry!

    In Europe, the contrast could not be starker, with year-over-year declines in business aircraft operations following several years of little, or no growth. The drop-off in EU flight activity mirrors the sluggish, deflationary regional economy and reflects the bite of Russian-targeted sanctions, which have sharply curtailed Russia-EU flying, despite the cold Northern winter and constant allure of the blue Mediterranean.

    With oil prices hovering around US$50 per barrel at press time, there are clear winners and losers. Although energy and commodity companies are no longer front-of-the-line signing aircraft sales contracts, they have arguably had their day for the last several years and are now outnumbered by the many organizations whose operations and customers benefit from lower fuel prices. In fact, for most business aircraft owners and operators, sustained low oil prices are good news indeed, with those who feel that lower prices are a positive development outnumbering the naysayers by several orders of magnitude, based on the latest JETNET iQ Surveys.

  2. With oil prices hovering around US$50 per barrel at press time, there are clear winners and losers. Although energy and commodity companies are no longer front-of-the-line signing aircraft sales contracts, they have arguably had their day for the last several years and are now outnumbered by the many organizations whose operations and customers benefit from lower fuel prices. In fact, for most business aircraft owners and operators, sustained low oil prices are good news indeed, with those who feel that lower prices are a positive development outnumbering the naysayers by several orders of magnitude, based on the latest JETNET iQ Surveys.

    JETNET iQ Surveys

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