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This blog is to provide a platform for dialogue on aviation matters bringing together the EU policy makers with our industry partners to further support a European aerospace agenda focused on enabling sustainable air transport growth in Europe.

Aviation is a key sector in the global economy. It is an essential part of modern life; it helps drive economic growth and prosperity and brings people of the world closer together. But beyond fuelling economic growth and mobility, the aerospace industry is strategically important because of the high technological content of the products created, the large investment in research and technology and the creation of high skilled employment. The role that EU policies can play in unleashing the full potential of aviation is strategic and substantial, whether that is environmentally progressive air transport, safe and efficient air traffic systems, a more efficient infrastructure and sustainable aviation biofuels.

Boeing recognises the serious challenges facing our ecosystem and is committed to improving the environmental performance of its operations, products and services. Our greatest contribution to meeting the challenge is to pioneer new technologies for environmentally progressive products and services and to design, develop and build them in an environmentally progressive manner.

We believe that together we can and should promote, define and support a new comprehensive aviation policy framework for Europe that by balancing sustainability with growth and safety can put aviation again at the centre of the policy debate and ensure the region can strategically use the positive potential of air transport for the years to come.


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