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This year is particularly important for aviation’s climate action. This week, representatives of the world’s governments will convene at the 39th International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly to enter into final negotiations on a global scheme for offsetting aviation CO2 emissions. If they agree on a measure, commercial aviation will be the first sector to… » read more

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There is a lot of work taking place throughout the aviation industry to reduce the level of CO2 emissions associated with its operations. This work takes many forms, including the continuous implementation of new technologies, operational efficiencies and green infrastructure projects. One aspect, however, which perhaps doesn’t get as much attention, is the ongoing international… » read more

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The Air Transport Action Group has just finished hosting its 2014 Global Sustainable Aviation Summit in Geneva. The conference focused on global politics, the UN’s sustainable development goals, building sustainable aviation infrastructure, and meeting capacity demands. With a nod to the centennial of airline travel marked this year, the conference also looked forward to the… » read more

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After the European Commission revived a plan to include non-EU airlines in the Emissions Trading Scheme from 2014 through 2020, Euractiv reports that MEPs are objecting to the Commission’s proposal. During a Transport Committee meeting on 15 November, MEPs criticized the proposal for going against the historic ICAO agreement on multilateral emissions controls, risking the… » read more

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